Rhus aromatica Skunkbush Large Photo of Rhus trilobata
Rhus trilobata Rhus trilobata
Common Name Skunkbush sumac, Squaw Bush, Three-leaf Sumac, Basket Bush
Latin Name Rhus trilobata
Family / Origin Anacardiaceae /
Sunset zone / USDA zone 1-3, 10-13 / 4-6
Type / Form Shrub / Medium
Native Habitat Dry slopes of mountains of California. from 3,000 to 6,000 feet east as far as Texas
Soil Dry to moist, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam, limestone, low to some organic content, well drained
Exposure Full or partial sun
Water Once to twice per month depending on soil in hot weather
Height X Width To 8 feet X 8 feet feet, usual 5 feet X 5 feet
Protective Mechanism None
Leaves Three leaflets, green to dark red in fall,  deciduous
Flowers Small white or yellow flowers in mid-spring, red berries, leaves turn reddish in fall
Bark / Roots

Gray-brown, smooth with a few shallow fissures and splits with age

Maintenance Little
Propagation Seeds, root and soft wood cuttings
Pests and Diseases None known
Landscape Uses Erosion control, rock garden, low maintenance, foliage accent, background, parkways, specimen
Garden Suitability Thornless, Songbird, Ethnobotanical
Nature Value Fruit eaten by birds and mammals
Native American Uses

Branches used for cradles, fishing tools, and baskets.  Leaves mixed with tobacco and smoked.  Berries used to make beverages.  Berries mixed with cornmeal to make porridge.  Plant used to make dyes.  Medicinal.

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Note: This plant is related to poison oak and persons highly sensitive to poison oak should not handle or ingest the plant.