Ribes aureum var. gracillimum

Ribes aureum var. villosum

Ribes aureum

Common Name Golden currant
Latin Name Ribes aureum
Family Grossulariaceae
Sunset zones / USDA zones A2, A3, 1-12, 14-23 / 5-8
Type / Form Shrub / Medium to large
Native Habitat Canada to Mexico to 10,000 feet
Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam low in organic content, well draine
Water Twice per month during hot, dry periods
Exposure Full sun to part shade
Height X Width To 10 feet by 10 feet
Protective Mechanism None
Leaves Alternate, simple, deciduous, distinctly 3 lobed with a few coarse teeth near ends of lobes, 1 to 2 inches long, somewhat thickened, glossy green above, paler below.
Flowers Monoecious; yellow, tubular showy flowers, borne in spring, hanging clusters several inches long, clove-like fragrance. Glossy black (sometimes yellow to orange), round, 1/3 inch berries in a hanging cluster, resin dotted, ripen in mid summer to late summer.
Bark / Roots Dark silvery gray with numerous raised lenticels. Twigs moderately stout, stiff, red-gray, no spines; reddish brown, pointed buds.
Maintenance Low
Propagation Seeds, cuttings
Pests and diseases  
Landscape uses Background, espalier, low maintenance
Garden Suitability Butterfly, Songbird, Mountain, Hummingbird, Ethnobotanical, Thornless
Nature Value Fruit eaten by a variety of wildlife, plant browsed by deer
Native American Uses Fruit and flowers eaten
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    Nursery Oak Hills Nursery, 13874 Ranchero Road, Oak Hills, 92345, 760-947-6261
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