Dasylirion wheeleri (Common sotol) #22186 File:Dasylirion wheeleri 1.jpg
File:Sotol.jpg Dasylirion wheeleri (sotol) - whole tree - #NAME?
Common Name Desert spoon, Sotol, Desert candle
Latin Name Dasylirion wheeleri
Family Agavaceae
Sunset zones / USDA zones 10-24 / 7b-11
Type / Form Succulent shrub / Medium
Native Habitat Between 3,800 and 6,000 feet in the Chihuahuan Desert
Soil Dry decomposed granite, sand, clay loam, limestone, low organic content
Exousure Full sun
Water Once each month, none once established
Height X Width Maximum 7 X 5 feet, usually 5 feet X 4 feet
Protective Mechanism Spines
Leaves Evergreen, silver to green
Flowers Flants are dioecious; insignificant whitish green flowers clustered tightly on dramatic stalk emerging from center of clump; grows 6 to 15ft above foliage; female plant flower structure is more rounded, on male plant it is more narrow; stalk is persistent if not removed
Bark / Roots NA / Not substantial
Maintenance Little
Propagation Seeds, sow in early summer, requires scarification
Pests and Diseases None
Landscape uses Erosion control, container, rock garden, low maintenance, foliage accent, specimen
Garden Suitability Hummingbird, Sonoran, Moonlight
Ornamental Value Yellow flowers on 15 to 20 foot stalks, silver to green evergreen leaves
Nature Value Flowers visited by hummingbirds, browed by big horn sheep
Native American Uses Roasted and eaten like artichokes, used to make liquor, mats, rope, made into cakes
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