Blue  Yucca young Blue yucca
Blue  Yucca Yucca rigida
Common Name Blue Yucca, Silver Yucca, Palmilla
Latin Name Yucca rigida
Family Agavaceae
Sunset zones / USDA zones 7-24, 26-32 / 8-10
Type / Form Succulent / Large
Native Habitat Chihuahuan Desert
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam low in organic content, well drained
Water Twice per month during dry months
Exposure Full sun, light shade
Height X Width 12 feet by 5 feet
Protective Mechanism Spines on leaf ends
Leaves Long blue-gray blades tipped with spine, 2ft long by 1.2in wide
Flowers Clusters of white flowers borne on short stalk
Bark / Roots  
Maintenance Low
Propagation Seeds
Pests and diseases  
Landscape uses Rock garden, low maintenance, fire retardant, background, parkways
Garden Suitability Mojave, Sonoran, Ethnobotanical, Fire Retardant
Nature Value Bird habitat, seeds eaten
Native American Uses Flowers eaten
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