Ethnie: YUROK
Language: Yurok
Family: Yurok
Stock: Yurok
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Northwestern California
Speakers 10      1982 SIL
      The Yurok were a sedentary coastal hunter/gatherer nation that relied heavily on fishing. They occupied the valley of the lower Klamath River and the neighboring coast. They are related only to the Wiyot and traded with their neighbors, particularly the Hupa. They were the hub of the Northwestern California tradition.  They were relatively rich materially as well as in tradition.  Nonetheless, they suffered severely from the White influx.
Aboriginal Locations
Subdivisions (# of villages):  Coastal, River (53)
Present Locations
Year History
AD 1300 Dating of earliest Yurok archeological site, Hum-118
1775 Visited by Bodega, Hezeta, de la Campa, Mourelle, and Perez respectively; iron present among tribe
1827 Hudson Bay company traders arrived
1828 Visited by Jedediah Smith, noted iron knives and arrow points
1850 Real estate development schemes stepped up White influx, violence ensued
1851 Gold rush from minor discovery at Gold Bluffs to the north
1988 Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act divided lands
Year Population Source
1700 2,500 NAHDB calculation
1770 2,500 Kroeber estimate
1800 2,500 NAHDB calculation
1900 700 NAHDB calculation
1910 688 Census
1930 471 Census
1981 1,917 BIA
2000 2,300 NAHDB calculation
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Yurok Sites:
An Ancient Yurok - Curtis
Early Days in Shasta
Leo Carpenter, Jr.
Carvings - Frank Gist, Jr.
Ceremonial Dance Hat
Fishing with the Yurok
Fish Kills
The Gold Rush Legacy:  Greed, Pollution, and Genocide
Hupa and Yurok Culture and Basketry
Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act
Hupa-Yurok-Karok Baskets
In Yurok Country
Mountain Man Jed Smith explores region
Natural Resources and Fisheries Restoration Program
Northwest California Culture and Ethnobotany
Northwestern Culture Area
Patrick's Point State Park
Plank House Interior
Playing Shinny, Hupa Against Yurok
Redwood History
Re-Kwoi (Requa)
Shamanism and Ritual
Yurok 4th Grade Student Project
Yurok and the Gold Rush
Yurok Art - Josephine Parker Collection
Yurok Basket
Yurok Bibliography
Yurok Cemetery
Yurok Children
Yurok Eagle Band Ring
Yurok History and Cultural Relations
Yurok House (Inside) Virtual panorama
Yurok Indian Smoked Salmon
Yurok Indian Tribe
Yurok Language
Yurok Language
Yurok Language;  Description and Revitalization
Yurok Linguistic Lineage
Yurok Law
Yurok Love Songs
Yurok Man Canoeing
Yurok Medicine Man - Harry Roberts
Yurok Open Weave Mat
Yurok photos
Yurok - SFSU Narrative
Yurok Texts
Yurok Tribal Watershed Restoration
Yurok Tribe Cultural Department
Yurok Tribe
Yurok Tribe
Yurok Village of Sumeg  Virtual tour
Yurok Widow

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