Ethnie: YUCHI
Language: Yuchi
Family: Yuchi
Stock: Yuchi
Phylum: Yuchi
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers 12-19 (1997 SIL)
      The Yuchi were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe. They occupied much of central Tennessee and ranged into Kentucky and Alabama. They separated early into three tribes. They were warlike and fought with other tribes and colonists and well. Some ultimately united with the Seminole while others relocated to Oklahoma with the Creek, though maintaining a separate identity.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions)
TN   Chisca or Pea Creek, Westo or Hogologe, Tomahittan
Present Locations
OK    Yuchi Tribe of Oklahoma, Okmulgee
          Yuchi Tribal Organization, Sapulpa
Some confederated into the Seminole now in FL and OK, others into the Shawnee now in OK, and some may have absorbed into the Cherokee in NC
Year History
1540 Met by De Soto in Tennessee, called "Chisca"
1567 Boyano, an officer under Pardo, had violent encounter with tribe in Tennessee or North Carolina mountains, claimed to have killed great numbers
1639 Chisca invaded Florida
1661 Westo moved to near present Augusta, GA
1670 Possibly known to Lederer as "Rickohockans"
1674 GA Westo known to be warlike, had battles with colonists and coast tribes; Tennessee Tomahittan band visited by 2 White men from Virginia
1677 Chisca attacked by Spaniards and Apalachee, suffered severely
1680 Shawnee drove Westo from the Savannah to the Ocmulgee and later the Chattahoochee
1715 Tennessee Tomahittan band suffered revenge attack by Cherokee; Westo moved to land previously occupied by Chisca band on Georgia; later moved with Creeks to Chatahoochee
1716 Westo band joined Shawnee on Chatahoochee
1740 Georgia Governor Oglethorpe gave tribe previously occupied territories
1751 Westo returned to old land in Georgia
1799 FL Pea Creek or Chisca band on Takubahchee while GA Westo band on Talapoosa near the Shawnee; both bands soon disappeared
1813 Last influx of tribe, Tomahittan, from north settled in GA
1832 GA Yuchi town of High Log recorded on census
1837 Migrated to Indian Territory with Creek; remnants migrated to Florida while other remained in Appalachian region and associated with Cherokee
Year Total Population FL GA OK TN Source
1600 5,000       5,000   Swanton estimate
1650 3,100         Mooney estimate
1700 2,100 700 700   700 NAHDB calculation
1777 1,300           Bartram estimate
1800 1,200 600 600     NAHDB calculation
1900 500     500   NAHDB calculation 
1930 216         Census
2000 3,000     3,000   NAHDB calculation
2005 3,000           Wikipedia
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