Ethnie: WIYOT
Language: Wiyot
Family: Wiyot
Stock: Ritwan
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Northwest
Speakers None      1962 - Last speaker died
      The Wiyot were a sedentary coastal hunter/gatherer tribe that relied heavily on fishing. They were located on Humbolt Bay and on the lower Eel and Mad Rivers. They are linguistically related only to the Yurok in a stock in which there is some question if it is related to the Algonquian. They were almost destroyed in several massacres by Whites.
Aboriginal Locations
Divisions (total villages)  Batawat, Wiki, Wiyot (20)
Present Locations
Year History
1850 Influx of settlers brought by the gold rush, conflicts followed
1851 Gold rush in Wiyot territory from minor discovery at Gold Bluffs
1860 80 to 100 women and children massacred by a Eureka gang of militia supported by merchants on Indian Island;  several earlier massacres by Whites all but destroyed tribe; survivors interred at Fort Humboldt and then removed to distant reservations, many returned to aboriginal territory
1908 Table Bluff Rancheria established, 20 acres gifted by a local church
1953 Tribes terminated via Public Law 280
1981 Rancheria recognized;102 acres purchased nearby by federal government as part of a lawsuit settlement
1982 Established tribal constitution
Year Population Source
1,500 Cook aboriginal estimate
1700 1,200 NAHDB calculation
1770 1,000 Kroeber estimate
1800 1,000 NAHDB calculation
1880 200 Cook estimate
1900 150 NAHDB calculation
1910 100 Census
1955 62 Weybret et al estimate
1968 131 Levine and Lurie estimate
1989 226 BIA
2000 250 NAHDB calculation
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Blue Lake Rancheria
California Tribal River Summit
Early Days in Shasta
Ethnography and Archeology of the Wiyot Territory
The Gold Rush Legacy:  Greed, Pollution, and Genocide
Gunther Island Site
A History of Massacres
Karuk/Wiyot Lidded Gift Basket
Karuk/Wiyot Woman's Ceremonial Cap
Karuk/Wiyot Women
Northwest California Culture and Ethnobotany
Sacred Site Fund
Table Bluff Tribe and Community
Tuluwat Village:  Sacred Land Restored to Wiyot Tribe
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Wiyot Language
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