Language: Columbia-Wenatchi
Family: Southern Interior Salish
Stock: Interior Salish
Phylum: Salishan
Macro-Culture: Northwest Plateau
Speakers 5 or fewer     1999 McDonald
     The Wenatchee were semi-sedentary hunter/gatherer tribes of the Northwestern Plateau.  They were located on the Wenatchee and Methow Rivers.  The traded with the first Whites to arrive, but ultimately had conflicts with and suffered from the later settlers.  They briefly lived on the Columbia Reservation but were finally settled on and confederated into the Colville Reservation.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions)
WA (9)
Oregon Present Locations
WA  Colville Reservation, Nespelem
Year History
1781 Smallpox epidemic
1809 David Thompson established Kullyspell House trading post on Lake Pend d'Orielle
1810 David Thompson established Spokane House
1811 David Thompson explored the length of the Columbia River
1841 Influx of Oregon Trail settlers began, conflicts followed
1848 Measles epidemic
1853 Smallpox epidemic
1855 Major Heller and 100 men routed in battle by a joint force of Yakimas, Columbians, Wanapams, Wallawallas, Palousas, Wenatchees, and Spokanes ... "Toppenish Fight"; Yakima Treaty of Camp Stevens; Wenatchi Fishing Reservation established
1872 Columbia Reservation established; Lake Chelan Earthquake, gases emitted, numerous deaths, no child under age 2 survived
1879 Columbia Chief Moses recognized Chief of the Wenatchees
1884 Columbia or Moses Reservation established
1902 Wenatchee removed to Colville Reservation
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 1,400 NAHDB calculation
1800 850 NAHDB calculation
1805 820 Lewis and Clark
1900 0 NAHDB calculation (Had confederated into Colville) 
2000 0 NAHDB calculation
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Columbia-Wenatchi Linguistic Lineage
Colville Reservation ...
Colville Tribes
Cultures Clash:  The Land Grab
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Lake Chelan and Wapato Point History
Lake Chelan Earthquake of 1872
Middle Columbia Salish
Moses Lake Columbia-Sinkiuse
Northwest Plateau Culture and Ethnobotany
Oregon Trail
Wenatchee Apple Labels
Wenatchee Fishery - 1893
Wenatchee Fishery - 1900
Wenatchee Fishing Reservation
Wenatchee Indians Ask Justice
Wenatchee Removal to Colville Reservation
Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center
Yakima Treaty of Camp Stevens

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