Warm Springs Tribes


Ethnie:                   WARM SPRINGS TRIBES

Member Tribes Tribe Language Phylum
Northern Paiute Western Numic Azrec-Tanoan
Tenino Tenino Macro-Penutian
Tygh Tenino Macro-Penutian
Wasco Upper Chinookan Macro-Penutian
Macro-Culture: Great Basin/Northwestern
     Warm Springs was first settled soon after the Treaty of 1855 by Tygh and Wasco, as well as Tenino remnants.  The Northern Paiutes arrived in 1879.  The Three primary tribes finally organized as the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in 1937.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
OR Northern Paiute (# of bands ?), Tenino (3 villages), Tygh ( ? villages), Wasco (20 villages or fishing stations)
Oregon Present Locations
OR  Warm Springs Reservation,  Warm Springs (Watlala)
Year History
1855 Treaty if 1855, Settled on Warm Springs Reservation
1879 Joined by 38 Northern Paiutes expelled from Yakima Reservation in Washington for their participation in Bannock War
1937 Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs founded
1942 Warm Springs Lumber Company founded on reservation
1957 Received 4 million dollars for destruction of fishing grounds
1996 Indian Head Casino opened
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 0 NAHDB calculation
1800 0 NAHDB calculation
1855 2,500
NAHDB calculation
1,100 Tenino
500 Tygh
900 Wasco
1879 38 Paiute joined reservation from Yakima Reservation after Bannock War
1900 3,000 NAHDB calculation 
2000 4,771 U of Chicago Health Services
2000 4,800 NAHDB calculation
Warm Springs Sites:
Basket Weaver Harvest Moon ...
Bicentennial Bash ...
Biscuit Root
Black Butte and Green Ridge Story
Buried Treasure:  Archeologists ...
Capitalizing the Chinook
Central Oregon
Columbia River Treaty Tribes
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
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Courtney-Gold, Pat, Basket Weaver
Courtney-Gold, Pat - Childhood
Coyote Places the Stars
Elk Spirit of Lost Lake
Florendo, James, Academic Advisor
Legend of the Chinook Indians
Legends of Vancouver
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Mural
Littleleaf, Charles, Flautist
Native American Basketry
Northern Paiute Language
Northern Paiute Linguistic Lineage
Northwest:  Chinookan Culture and Ethnobotany
Northwest Plateau Culture and Ethnobotany
Oregon Leg of Famed Expedition ...
Round Twined Root-gathering Basket
Tygh Band Protests ...
Tenino Indians
Tenino Language
Tenino Linguistic Lineage
Tenino Woman Recognized as a Master Storyteller 
Upper Chinookan
Warm Springs Constitution and By-Laws
Warm Springs Flag
Warm Springs Tribe
Wasco Authors
Waso Indian
Wasco Indian Tribe
Wasco-Wishram and Watlala
Wasco-Wishram Language
Wasco-Wishran Linguistic Lineage
Who Were Those Indians?

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