Ethnie: WACO
Language: Wichita
Family Wichita
Stock: Northern Caddoan
Phylum: Caddoan
Macro-Culture: Great Plains
Speakers 10 or fewer speakers   1998 James Brooks, NY Times
      The Waco were a hunter/farmer tribe located along with the Tawehas on the Canadian River north of the Washita.  They were agricultural, as well as buffalo hunters.  The Waco moved often due to pressure from predatory tribes.  They confederated into the Wichita late in the 1700's.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions)
OK  ?
Present Locations
OK Among Wichita Tribe, Anadarko
Year History
1500 Predatory Apacheans migrated into Waco territories
1829 Allied with Comanche and Waco against Cherokee, Choctaw, Delaware, Shawnee campaign; took losses
1859 Forced to Oklahoma by Texas hostility and joined Wichita
1867 Joined Wichita Affiliated Tribes
Year Total Population OK TX Source
1700 500 500 NAHDB calculation
1800 500 500 NAHDB calculation
1824 500 500 Swanton
1859 171 171 Joined Wichita, hereafter enumerated with Wichita
1900 - NAHDB calculation 
2000 - NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Tawakoni, Tawehash, and Wichita 
Waco Sites:
Art Works Reported Missing from Wichita Indian Center
Catlin Collection
Grass Wigwam at Wichita
Huntinghorse, Dina, Jeweler
MeLennan County
Native American Heritage Village
Red man Linked to the Palo Pinto Mountains
Wallace, William "Bigfoot"
Wichita and Affiliated Tribes
Wichita Archives
Wichita Authors
Wichita Camp
Wichita Falls History
Wichita Folklore
Wichita Four Cycles Prophesy
Wichita Indian Center
Wichita Indian Legends
Wichita Indians
Wichita Indians
Wichita Indians
Wichita Indians
Wichita Indians of Texas
Wichita Indian Tribe
Wichita Language
Wichita Language
Wichita Linguistic Lineage
Wichita Literature
Wichita or Kitikit-ees
Wichita Tribe
Wichita Village

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