Language: Pedee
Family: Southeastern Siouan
Stock: Siouan Proper
Phylum: Siouan
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers None
       The Waccamaw were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe. The eastern Siouans fissioned from the greater Siouan culture about 1,000 B. C. and crossed the Appalachians the previous inhabitants. The Waccamaw were located on the Waccamaw River and the lower course of the Pee Dee. The tribe was nearly destroyed in conflicts with Whites and other tribes. Some descendants remain on the area.
Aboriginal Locations: Subdivisions (Villages)
SC  (6)
Present Locations
SC  Waccamaw Indian People, Conway
Year History
1521 Tribal name "Guacaya" occurs in a list of provinces by Francisco de Chicora
1670 English found tribe established in aboriginal territory; smallpox soon thereafter
1715 Joined Cheraw in attack on English in Yamasee War , but quickly made peace in fear of the Cherokee
1716 Trading post established at Uauenee
1717 Established south of Black River
1720 Short war with colonists, lost 60, some sold as slaves
1755 They and Pedee suffered losses against Cherokee and Natchez while in White settlements; some soon united with Catawba, others remained in area
1971 Waccamaw-Siouan Development Association created
2005 Tribe recognized by the state of South Carolina
Year Total SC  Pop. Source
1600 900   Mooney estimate
1700 600 NAHDB calculation
1715 610   Census
1800 100 NAHDB calculation
1900 50 NAHDB calculation 
2000 350 NAHDB calculation 
2005 365   Wikipedia
Other speakers of the same language:
Cape Fear, Pedee
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