Umatilla Tribes



Member Tribes: Tribes Language Phylum
Cayuse Cayuse Macro-Penutian
Umatilla Umatilla Macro-Penutian
Wallawalla Wallawalla Macro-Penutian
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
     The Umatilla Tribes were all semi-sedentary hunter/gatherer tribes of the Northwestern Plateau.  They were located on the Umatilla Reservation in 1855. 
Aboriginal Locations
OR  Cayuse (no subdivisions), Umatilla (number of subdivisions unknown), Wallawalla (number of subdivisions unknown)
Present Locations
OR  Umatilla Reservation, Pendleton
Year History
1855 Cayuse and Wallawalla joined reservation
1949 United as a single tribal government
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 0 NAHDB calculation
1800 0 NAHDB calculation
1855 1,100 NAHDB estimate
Cayuse 400
Umatilla 250
Wallawalla 450
1900 1,100 NAHDB calculation
2,400 Intertribal Monitoring Association
2000 2,400 NAHDB calculation
Umatilla Tribes Sites:
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Northwest Plateau Culture and Ethnobotany
Oregon Trail
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Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
Tribal Museum/Education Center ...
Umatilla Constitution and By-Laws
Umatilla Indian Reservation
Umatilla Language
Umatilla Linguistic Lineage
Umatilla Photo
Umatilla Photo
Umatilla Photo:  Boy
Umatilla Photo Gallery
Umatilla Photos
Umatilla Sovereignty and Tribal Government
Umatilla Tribe
Umatilla Tribe Authors
Umatilla Tribe Grows Its Own
Walla Walla Council of 1855
Walla Walla Council of 1855
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