Language: Tlingit
Family: Tlingit
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwest





Speakers 700    (1995)  M. Krausse
       The Tlingit were a large sedentary coastal maritime hunter nation of the northwest culture. They occupied all of the coast and islands of the southern arm of Alaska from Yukatat Bay southward. They suffered from numerous conflicts with the Russians, and later, the Americans.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK     Auk (2), Chilkat (7), Gonaho (1), Hehl (1), Henya or Hanega (3), Huna (6), Hutsnuwu (3), Kake (1), Kuiu (2), Sanya (1), Sitka (8), Stikine (3), Sumdum (1), Taku (2), Tongass (2), Yakutat (4)
Present Locations
AK    Chugach Alaska Corporation, Ancorage
          Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit Tribe of Alaska, Juneau
          Sealaska Corporation, Juneau
BC     Taku River Tlingit First Nation, Atlin
Year History
1741 Territory discovered by Chirikoff and Bering, soon to be followed other Russians as well as explorers and traders from Mexico, England, France, and New England
1775 Spaniard Bruno de Hetza visit started smallpox epidemic
1786 La Perouse lost two boats and their men in severe tides of Lituya Bay
1799 Russians built a fort near
1802 Sitka Natives drove Whites from Sitka post
1804 Baranoff drove Indians from fort, Sitka later became Alaska capital until 1906, Indian outbreaks continued due to rough Russian treatment
1836 Smallpox epidemic
1840 Smallpox epidemic
1867 Alaska Purchase
1868 US Troops destroyed Stikine and Kake
1877 Presbyterian mission established
1882 Presbyterian mission established
1898 Klondike gold rush
Year Total Population AK BC   Source
1700 10,000 10,000     NAHDB calculation
1740 10,000       Mooney estimate
1800 8,000 8,000     NAHDB calculation
1835 5,850       Veniaminoff estimate
1839 5,455       Sir James Douglas estimate
1840 4,501       Veniaminoff estimate
1861 8,597       Lt. Wehrman, Russian Navy census
1880 6,763       Petroff census
1890 4,501       Census
1900 5,000 4,700 300   NAHDB calculation
1910 4,426       Census
1920 3,895       Census
1930 4,462       Census
1974 422       CDIA (Inland Tlingit)
1978 411       CDIA (Inland Tlingit)
1995 10,000       M. Krausse
2000 11,000 10,000 1,000   NAHDB calculation
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