Language: Thompson or Nylakyapamuk
Family: Northern Interior Salish
Stock: Interior Salish
Phylum: Salishan
Macro-Culture: Northwest Plateau
Speakers 595    (1998 Statistics of Canada)
      The Thompson were a hunter/gatherer confederacy and language group. They lived along the Thompson and Fraser Rivers of southern inland British Columbia. They suffered from the White influx, particularly the resulting epidemics and being crowded out of their ancestral territories.
Aboriginal Locations:  Subdivisions (# of Villages)
BC     Nicola (12), Spences Bridge (16), Lower Thompson (25), Upper Thompson (16)
Present Locations
BC    Boothroyd Indian Band, Boston Bar
         Boston Bar Indian Band, North Bend
         Coldwater Indian Band, Merritt
         Cook's Ferry Indian Band, Merritt
         Kanaka Bar Indian Band, Lytton
         Lower Nicola Indian Band, Merritt
         Lytton Indian Band, Lytton
         Nicomen Indian Band
         Nooaitch Indian Band, Merritt
         Oregon Jack Creek Indian Band, Ashcroft
         Shackan Indian Band, Merritt
         Siska Indian Band, Lytton
         Skuppah Indian Band, Lytton
         Spuzzum Indian Band, Spuzzum
Year History
1809 Simon Fraser passed through territory followed by numerous employees of Hudson Bay Company
1845 Visited by Jesuit missionary Father John Nobili
1858 Fraser River gold rush, invasion of miners, violence
1860 Visited by missionary Oblate Father Paul Durieu
1863 Smallpox epidemic
1880 Obalte missionary Father John M. R. Le Leune began working with tribe inventing Salish shorthand writing system
1884 Canadian Pacific Railroad completed
Year BC Population Source
1700 5,000 NAHDB calculation
1780 5,000   Mooney estimate
1800 5,000 NAHDB calculation
1900 1,800 NAHDB calculation 
1902 1,826 Canadian Indian Office
1906 1,776 Canadian Indian Office
2000 4,500 NAHDB calculation 
2005 4,719 Indian Life Online
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Boston Bar
Boston Bar
Boston Bar Indian Band
Coldwater Indian Band
Cook's Ferry
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Kanaka Bar
Lower Nicola
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Lower Nicola Indian Band
Lytton Indian Band
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Nicomen Indian Band
Nicomen Indian Band
Nooaitch Indian Band
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Oregon Jack Creek
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Shackan Indian Band
Siska Indian Band
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