Ethnie: TANANA
Language: Upper and Lower Tanana
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwest





       The Tanana were an Alaskan inland hunter culture that relied heavily on fishing. They lived along the drainage of the lower Tanana River below the Tok and down to the Yukon and up river along the Yukon. Their remote and sparsely populated territory resulted in late and minimal White contact.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK   Clatchotin, Huntlatin, Nuklukalet, Nutluktana, Tatsa, Tolwatin, Tozikatat, Tutlut, Weare
Present Locations
AK  Doyon Limited, Fairbanks 
Year History
1838 Smallpox epidemic
1851 Scarlet fever epidemic
1875 Territory traversed overland by Harper and Bates from Belle Isle
1880 Began trading
1885 Visited by Lt. Henry T. Allen
1887 First school at Tanana
1901 Fairbanks gold discovery
1917 Alaska Railroad reached Nenana
192X Measles and influenza epidemics
Year Total AK Population   Source
1700 500   NAHDB calculation
1740 500   Mooney estimate (includes Nabesna)
1800 450   NAHDB calculation
1880 700   Petroff
1885 600   Lt. Henry T. Allen
1890 373   Census
1898 370   Swanton
1900 400   NAHDB calculation
1910 415   Census
1995 680   Krausse
2000 700   NAHDB calculation
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Tanana Sites
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