Ethnie: SLAVEY
Dialect: Slavey
Language: Hare-Chipewyan
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Sub-Arctic
Speakers A As many as 70% of tribe    
      The Slavey were a nomadic hunter tribe of the sub-arctic. They ranged over the valley of the Mackenzie River from Great Slave Lake to Fort Norman. The Cree were their primary enemies though they also fough the Inuits tot he north and the other Athapaskan tribes of the region.  Their remote location minimized their contact with Whites.
Aboriginal Location
AB among Chipewyan or NT
Present Locations
AB Dene Tha' First Nation, Chateh
BC Fort Nelson First Nation, Fort Nelson
  Prophet River First Nation, Fort Nelson
NT Colville Lake Band, Colville Lake
  Fort Laird Band, Fort Laird
  Fort Norman Band, Fort Norman
  Fort Providence Band, Fort Providence 
  Fort Simpson Band, Fort Simpson
  Hay River Reserve Band, Hay River
  Jean Marie River Band, Jean Marie River.
  Liidlii Kue First Nation, Fort Simpson
  Norman Wells Band, Norman Wells
  Wrigley Band, Fort Wrigley
Year History
1670 Hudson Bay Company chartered
1697 The Cree, having guns received from traders, drove the Chipewyan north and east of their aboriginal territories
1717 Churchill post established
1730 Approximate date Alberta Indians acquired horses and guns
1784 Smallpox epidemic
1793 Region visited by Alexander Mackenzie
1804 Fort Simpson established by HBC
1807 Fort Laird established by North West Co.
1810 Fort Norman established by North West Co.
1819 HBC established Fort Resolution at the mouth of the Slavey
1835 Yellowknives defeated by the Slavey and driven from the rich area of the Yellowknife River to the barren hills about Great slave lake
1868 Hay River Post established by HBC
1887 The Great Famine
1890 Fort Wrigley established by HBC
1897 Indian Treaty No. 8 .
1920 Spanish Flu
1921 Indian Treaty No. 11
1948 Measles epidemic
Year  Population AB BC NT   Source
1670 1,250         Mooney estimate
1700 1,250 100 100 1,050   NAHDB calculation
1800 1,000 50 50 900   NAHDB calculation
1858 1,023         Anderson
1881 1,635         Russel
1900 1,400 200 350 850   NAHDB calculation
1921 1,230         CDIA
1931 1,459         CDIA
1941 1,455         Wherrett
1970 3,334         CDIA
1978 3,964         CDIA
2000 7,200 500 700 6,000   NAHDB calculation
2005 7,541 526 755 6,260   Indian Life Online
Other speakers of the same language:
Chipewyan, Deline, Dogrib, Mountain, Yellowknife
Yellowknife Tribe Sites:
Aboriginal History of Northern Canada
Chipewyan/Dene Language
Chipewyan Language
Chipewyan Language
Chipewyan Language
Chipewyan Language Plaque
Chipewyan Linguistic Lineage
Colville Lake Band
Dark Chapter in Canadian History
Deh Cho First Nation
Deh Cho First Nations
Dene Tha
Dene Tha' First Nation
Dene Tha' Indian Band
Dene (Slave, Dogrib, Hare)
First Arctic Land Expedition ...
Foggy Fort Simpson
Fort Laird
Fort Laird Band
Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson
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Fort Nelson First Nation
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Fort Nelson No. 2
Fort Nelson No. 2, BC
Fort Norman
Fort Norman Band
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Fort Providence
Fort Providence
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Fort Providence History
Fort Providence, NWT
Fort Providence, NWT
Fort Providence, NWT
Fort Providence Settlement
Fort Simpson Band
Fort Simpson Heritage Park Archaeological Project
Fort Simpson History
Fort Simpson Legislative Assembly
Fort Simpson Mission Station
Fort Simpson, NWT
Fort Simpson, NWT,_Northwest_Territories
Fort Simpson, NWT
Fort Simpson Settlement
Hay River Band
Hay River Dene Reserve
Hay River History
Hay River, NWT
Hay River, NWT,_Northwest_Territories
Hay River, NWT
Hay River, NWT
Hay River, NWT
Hay River Reserve
Hay River Reserve Band
Hay River Settrlement
Hunter, George, and the Slavey Indians 1929
Jean Marie River Band
Liidlii Kue First Nation
Long Winter
Maps of the Arctic Basin ...,+v.+36,+no.++2,+June+1983,*?COMMANDSEARCH
Nahanni Butte Band
Norman Wells Band
North Slavey Language
North Slavey Language
North Slavey Linguistic Lineage
Prophet River First Nation
Prophet River First Nation
Prophet River No. 4
Prophet River No. 4 BC
Signing the Treaty (No. 11)
Slave River History
Slavey (Dene Tha' ) Nation
Slavey (Dene Tha') Nation: Religion and Ceremony
Slavey Indian Camp
Slavey Language
Slavey Language
South Slavey Language
South Slavey Language
South Slavey Linguistic Lineage
Town of Hay River
Traditional Tribes of Great Slave
Treaty No. 8
Treaty No. 8
Treaty No. 11
Trout Lake Slavey Band Office
Voices of Deline
West Point First Nation
Wrigley Band
Wrigley, NWT
Wrigley, NWT,_Northwest_Territories

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