Siletz Confederacy



Member tribes
Tribe Language Language Phylum
Alsea Alsea Penutian
Chasta Costa Tolowa-Galice Na-Dene
Chetco Tolowa-Galice Na-Dene
Siletz Tillamook Salishan
Takelma Takelman Penutian
Tillamook Tillamook Salishan
Tututni Tolowa-Galice Na-Dene
Upper Umpqua Tolowa-Galice Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
     The Siletz Reservation was formed as a result of the Rogue River Wars in 1855.  People from 24 ethnies were placed there.  The reservation was terminated in 1956 and was restored in 1977 with the creation of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz.
Aboriginal Locations
OR numerous locations 
Oregon Present Locations
OR  Confederated Tribes of Siletz, Siletz
Year History
1855 Rogue River Wars
1856 Siletz Reservation established
1956 Siletz Reservation terminated
1977 Confederated Tribes of Siletz founded
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 0 NAHDB calculation
1800 0 NAHDB calculation
1856 1,200 Assigned
1900 400 NAHDB calculation
1989 1,309 BIA
2000 1,500 NAHDB calculation
Siletz Confederacy Sites:
Acting on a Vision
Alsea and Lewis and Clark
Alsea Creation Stories
Alsea History
Alsea Indian History
Alsea Language
Alsea Language
Alsea Linguistic Lineage
Brief Interpretive History ...
Chetco Dialect
Chinook Winds Casino
Cloud, Henry Roe
Coastal Oregon Tribes
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Burials
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians ...
Map of the Siletz Indian Reservation
Native American Authors
Siletz and Alsea
Siletz Basket
Siletz Indian Tribe Restoration
Siletz Tribal Smoke House
Siletz Tribe
Tillamook Language
Tolowa-Galice Language
Tolowa-Galice Linquistic Lineage
Tututni/Siletz Story, A

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