Ethnie: SEKANI
Language: Sekani
Family: Canadian Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Rocky Mountains
Speakers 30 - 40     (1997 Sharon Hargus)  
       The Sekani were a nomadic hunter/gatherer nation of the northern Rocky Mountain Trench. They were aboriginally located in the territories about the headwaters of the Finlay, Peace, and Laird Rivers. The Sekani and the Beaver fissioned after White contact with the Sekani retreating westward.. The Sarcee separated from the group sometime before White contact. The Sekani suffered from the White influx and from conflicts with the Cree and to a lesser extent, the Beaver..
Aboriginal Locations
AB      Beaver
BC      Sekani  (9 bands per Morse)
Present Locations
BC Kwadacha Nation, Fort Ware via Kackenzie (Formerly Fort Ware Indian Band)
  McLeod Lake Tse K'hene First Nation, McLeod Lke
  Tsay Keh Dene Band, Ingenika Point via Mackenzie (Formerly Ingenika Indian Band)
Year History
167X Were driven into Rocky Mountains by westward thrust of  armed Cree
1780 Fission of Sekani/Beaver with the Sekani retreated from the Beaver
1793 Encountered by Mackenzie of the Northwest Company
1797 Visited by James Finlay
1805 Simon Fraser of the Northwest Company established Fort McLeod on McLeod Lake for Sekani trade and
1810 Visited by Daniel William Harmon of Northwest Company
1821 Northwest Company and Hudson Bay Company united
1824 Visited by Samuel Black
1826 Fort Connelly established at Bear Lake
1861 Omineca gold rush
1870 1200 Whites in territory
1884 Canadian Pacific Railroad completed
1916 Most Whites had left territory
Year . Population AB BC   Source
1700 5,700 1,700 4,000   NAHDB calculation
1780 3,200 1,700 3,500   Mooney estimate
1800 2,100   2,100   NAHDB calculation
1820 1,000       Drake estimate
1887 500       Morice estimate
1893 500       Morice estimate
1900 250   250   NAHDB calculation
1923 160       CDIA
1934 290       Canadian government
1978 598       CDIA
2000 1,000   1,000   NAHDB calculation
2005 1,075       Indian Life Online
Other speakers of the same language:
Beaver, Sarcee
Sekani Tribe Sites:
Carrier Sekani Statement of Intent
Carrier Sekani Treaty Commission
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Fort Ware Indian Band
Fort Ware No. 1
Ingenika Indian Band
Kwadacha Nation
McLeod Lake
McLeod Lake
McLeod Lake Indian Band
McLeod Lake Indian Band
McLeod Band Near Accord
McLeod Lake Final Agreement
McLeod Lake Tse K'hene First Nation
Sekani Indians of Canada
Sekani Language
Sekani Language
Sekani Language
Sekani Linguistic Lineage
Sekani of British Columbia ...
Tsay Keh Dene
Tsay Keh Dene Band
Tsay Keh Dene Band

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