Tsuu T'ina



Dialect Tsuu T'ina
Language: Sekani
Family: Canadian Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Great Plains
Speakers 50     (1991 M. Dale Kincade)  
       The Tsuu T'ina (previously Sarcee) were a nomadic hunter/gatherer tribe of the western plains. They were located on the upper courses of the Saskatchewan and Athabaska Rivers of Alberta. They fissioned from the Sekani/ Beaver sometime before White contact. The Tsuu T'ina traded with the Whites, and had a constant state of war with the Cree who drove them westward. Several Tsuu T'ina bands intermarried with the Blackfoot with whom they sought refuge as a result of the conflicts with the Cree.
Aboriginal Locations
Among Sekani in AB and BC
Present Locations
AB Tsuu T'ina Nation, Calgary
Year History
1772 First mentioned by Matthew Cocking, but soon became known as traders with opening of Cumberland house
1780 Fission of Sekani/Beaver with the Sekani retreating from the Beaver, Sarcee later separated from the Beaver
18XX Warfare with Cree, who had horses and guns, forced them to unite with Blackfeet for protection
1836 Smallpox epidemic
1856 Scarlet fever epidemic
1870 Smallpox epidemic
1877 Signed Treaty No. 7 ceding lands
1880 Placed on reservation
1884 Canadian Pacific Railroad completed
1900 Signed Treaty No.9
1899 Signed Treaty No. 8
Year AB Population   Source
1700     NAHDB calculation (Enumerated with Sekani)
1800     NAHDB calculation
1859     Farraud estimate
1900     NAHDB calculation
1970     CDIA
1978     CDIA
2000     NAHDB calculation
2005 1,093   Indian Life Online
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