The Removal Act of 1830


THE FOUR DIRECTIONS by Julie LaMay, Ph.D. and Larry T. B. Sunderland
Direction Episode Removed from Ancestral Lands Depopulation Number
Yellow the East: The Beaver Wars 1640-1680 200,000 100,000
Red the South: The Removal Act of 1830 200,000 10,000
White the North: The 50 Smallpox Epidemics 200,000
Black the West: The California Genocide   140,000
Totals   400,000 450,000


     The Removal Act of 1830 created the Indian Territory, later to be called Oklahoma.  While the act, strongly supported by President Andrew Jackson, was designed to remove Indians from the south, it gave birth to the place where more than 30 tribes from all across the United States could be sequestered.  The effect of this would ultimately mean that
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