Language: Pentlatch
Family: Central Salish
Stock: Salish
Phylum: Mosan
Macro-Culture: Northwest Coast
Speakers   Language extinct  
      The Qualicum were a sedentary hunter tribe that relied heavily on fishing. They were located along the east coast of Vancouver Island at or near their present location and were closely related to the other Coast Salich tribes. They suffered from the White influx.
Aboriginal Locations
BC      Hwahwatl, Puntlatsh, Saamen
Present Locations
BC Qualicum First Nation
Year History
1592 May have been visited by Juan de Fuca
1792 Visited by Capt. George Vancouver, and later by Spaniards Valdes and Galiano
1843 Victoria founded
1862 Smallpox epidemic
1885 Potlatch banned in British Columbia
1951 Potlatch ban repealed
Year BC Population   Source
1700 300   NAHDB calculation
1780 300   Mooney estimate
1800 300   NAHDB calculation
1900 50   NAHDB calculation
2000 50   NAHDB calculation
2005 81   Indian Life Online
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Qualicum First nation
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Pentlatch Language
Pentlatch Language
Pentlatch Language
Pentlatch Language
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