Ethnie: PEQUOT
Language: Mohegan-Pequot
Family: Eastern Algonquian
Stock: Algonquian
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers None
       The Pequot were a bellicose sedentary hunter/farmer nation from whom the Mohegan split off late.  The occupied the Connecticut coast from the Niantic River to the Wecapaug River barely into Rhode Island.  The tribe was virtually destroyed by the attack of their capital village of Mystic by the Mohegan and Narragansett allied with the English.  They were then harshly ruled by the Mohegan until they were finally moved to eastern Connecticut.
Aboriginal Locations: Subdivisions (Villages)
CT  (19)
RI     (1)
Present Locations
CT  Mashantucket Pequot, Ledyard
       Pawcatuck (Eastern Pequot) Reservation, Lantern Hill
Year History
1614 First met the Dutch; English slave traders introduced three separate epidemics (1614-1617)
1620 Plymouth Colony established
1622 Fur trade on the lower Connecticut River prompted the Dutch to establish a permanent trading post near Hartford; Pequot subjugated some neighboring tribes to gain a trade advantage; the resident trader for the Dutch West India Company, Jacob Elekens seized Tatobem, a Pequot sachem and threatened to kill him of trade control; he was ransomed for wampum but Elekens wanted furs so he killed him, the outraged Pequot burned the post; Pieter Barentsen replaced Elekens and trade resumed
1630 Puritans arrived in Massachusetts
1633 Boston traders had reached the Connecticut River; the Dutch built a fortified trading post (House of Good Hope); Pequot became split over trade alliances, Sassacus favored the Dutch and Uncas favored the English and Uncas and his followers fissioned from the Pequot and became known as the Mohegan
1634 Smallpox epidemic
1635 English built a fort at Saybrook near the mouth of the Connecticut River causing the Dutch to withdraw from their post at Hartford
1636 Englishman Thomas Hooker settled at Hartford; Mohegan and Narragansett allied with the English against the Pequot; Mohegan under Uncas and Narragansett under Canonchet attacked and destroyed the Pequot fort at Mystic capturing 180 and killing and beheading sachem Sassacus, the remaining Pequot sachems surrendered
1638 Mohegan absorbed the surviving Pequot and worked them like slaves
1655 The surviving Pequot were removed from the Mohegan to two separate locations in eastern Connecticut
1675 Pequot warriors fought among the Mohegan in King Philip's War on the side of the English
1856 Connecticut sold off 600 acres of Pequot land
1976 Pequot received a $700,000 settlement for previous lands taken
1983 Mashantucket Pequot received federal recognition
1992 Mashantucket Pequot opens Foxwoods gambling casino
Year Total CT Population Source
1600 Mooney estimate
1643 Swanton
1700 NAHDB calculation
1705 Swanton
1774 Swanton
1800 NAHDB calculation
1804 Swanton
1809 Swanton
1900 NAHDB calculation 
1910 Census
1970 Census
2000 NAHDB calculation 
2005 Reservation rolls
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