Yucca thompsoniana Yucca thompsoniana (Thompson's yucca) #25091
Common Name Thompson Yucca
Latin Name Yucca thompsoniana
Family Agavaceae
Sunset zones / USDA zones 7-24 / 7-12
Type / Form Succulent / Large
Native Habitat 0 to 4,500 feet in south Texas, northern Mexico
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam low in organic content, well drained
Water Once per moth or none depending on soil
Exposure Full sun
Height X Width 10 feet X 5 feet
Protective Mechanism Spines
Leaves Evergreen
Flowers White flowers in April to May
Bark / Roots  
Maintenance Low
Propagation Seed
Pests and diseases  
Landscape uses Erosion control, rock garden, low maintenance, fire retardant, background, parkways
Garden Suitability NA
Ornamental Value Evergreen, white flowers in April to May
Nature Value Seeds eaten by many animals, larval plant for butterflies and moths
Native American Uses Rope, sandals, cloth
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