Common Name Texas Ranger, Cimmaron Dwarf Sage
Latin Name Leucophyllum zygophyllum 'Cimarron'
Native Habitat Washes of Mojave and Sonoran Deserts 1,000 to 3,000 feet
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam low in organic content, well drained
Water Once or twice per month
Height X Width Maximum 6 feet X 12 feet, usual 4 feet X 4 feet
Protective Mechanism None
Leaves Felty gray, covered with soft hairs
Garden Suitability Thornless, Hummingbird, Fragrant, Moonlight
Ornamental Value Purple trumpet shaped flowers, evergreen, fragrant
Nature Value Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds use flowers
Native American Uses Flower sucked for the nectar
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