Opuntia santa-rita - Whole plant - Santa Rita prickly pear Opuntia santa-rita - Santa Rita Pricklypear Purple Prickly Pear. Also called: Opuntia macrocentra var. macrocentra, Opuntia violacea var. castetteri, Opuntia violacea var. macrocentra, Santa Rita Pricklypear, Blue Blade, Dollar Cactus, Black Spine Prickly Pear, Red Joint Prickly Pear, Texas Santa Rita.
Common Name Santa Rita Prickly Pear, Purple Prickly Pear
Latin Name Opuntia violaceae santa rita
Native Habitat Texas, New Mexico, eastern Arizona, northern Mexico 0 to 5,500 feet
Soil Dry decomposed granite, sand, limestone, low organic content, well drained
Water None to once per month in summer
Height X Width 3 feet X 6 feet
Protective Mechanism Glochids
Leaves Purple evergreen with glochids
Garden Suitability Sonoran
Ornamental Value Pale yellow flowers late spring, red fruits
Nature Value Fruits eaten by birds and some mammals
Native American Uses Food
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