Sclerocactus polyancistrus Sclerocactus polyancistrus
Common Name Redspined Fishhook Cactus, Pineapple Cactus, Devil Claw, Mojave Devil's Claw, Hermit's Cactus, Many-spined Devil's Claw
Latin Name Sclerocactus polyancistrus
Native Habitat Between 2,500 and 6,000 feet  feet in the Mojave Desert to eastern Nevada
Soil Dry decomposed granite, sand, limestone, low organic content, well drained
Water Once per month in summer until established
Height X Width 1 X 1 foot
Protective Mechanism Spines
Leaves Thick, succulent stems, evergreen
Garden Suitability Hummingbird, Songbird, Sonoran
Ornamental Value Showy fuschia to magenta flowers in spring or early summer
Nature Value Flowers used by hummingbirds and butterflies, fruits eaten by songbirds, game birds, and other mammals
Native American Uses Fruits eaten
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