Parthenium incanum
Common Name Mariola
Latin Name Parthenium incanum
Native Habitat Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts below 6,500 feet
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, limestone, clay loam low in organic content, well drained
Water None to once per month in summer
Height X Width Maximum 3 X 4 feet, usual 2 feet X 2 feet
Protective Mechanism Rubber in stems discourage some browsers
Leaves Blue-green, khaki when dormant
Garden Suitability Fragrant, Thornless, Songbird, Sonoran
Ornamental Value Pale white to yellow flowers in summer, gray-white, velvety, aromatic leaves, drought and cold deciduous, cold marginal
Nature Value Fruits eaten by birds and other animals
Native American Uses None known
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