Overview of Agave lechuguilla
Common Name Lechugilla, Shindagger
Latin Name Agave lechuguilla
Native Habitat Limestone deserts below 7,500 in Chihuahuan Desert
Soil Dry decomposed granite, limestone, sand, low organic content, well drained
Water None to once per month
Height X Width 18 inches X 2 feet
Protective Mechanism Long spines
Leaves Evergreen, yellow-green, succulent
Garden Suitability Sonoran, Fire Retardant
Ornamental Value Evergreen, yellow-green flower April to August after rain
Nature Value Flowers used by nectirvorous bats, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees; browse for deer, javelina, larval plant for butterflies
Native American Uses Used to make rope and cloth
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