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Prosopis glandulosa fruitscloseup.jpg (72205 bytes) Prosopis glandulosa (Honey mesquite) #23906
Common Name Honey mesquite
Latin Name Prosopis glandulosa
Native Habitat 3,000 to 4,500 feet in Mojave and Sonoran Deserts
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam, low to high organic content, well drained
Water Once per month
Height X Width 20 feet X 20 feet
Protective Mechanism Thorns
Leaves Small leaflet pairs, deciduous
Garden Suitability Songbird, Sonoran, Ethnobotanical
Ornamental Value White flowers with long stamens February through September, seed pods
Nature Value Flowers used by bees, seeds eaten by birds, animal eat seeds and pods
Native American Uses Blossoms used to make tea, pods crushed into sweet pulpy juice, dried pods ground into meal to make mush and cakes, pods eaten raw, roasted blossoms boiled and eaten, bark pounded to make soft cloth for diapers, clothing, netting for pottery, and cordage, gum used as adhesive to make arrows, wood used to make bows and war clubs
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  Oak Hills Nursery, 13874 Ranchero Road, Oak Hills, 92345, 760-947-6261
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