Ericameria cuneata Ericameria cuneata Ericameria cuneata
Common Name Cliff Goldenbush, Wedgeleaf Goldenbush, Desert Rock Goldenbush, Cliff Heath-Goldenrod, Wedgeleaf Goldenweed
Latin Name Ericameria cuneata
Native Habitat Yellow pine forest, juniper woodland 3,000 to 9,000 feet
Soil Dry, decomposed granite, sand, clay loam low in organic content, well drained
Water None to once per month
Height X Width 1 foot X 1.5 feet
Protective Mechanism None
Leaves Green, stressdeciduous
Garden Suitability Thornless, Songbird, Sonoran, Butterfly
Ornamental Value Showy yellow flowers late summer and fall
Nature Value Butterflies use flowers
Native American Uses None
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