Native American Anthropology News


Four Directions Institute Update Institute of Native American Studies to Open This Fall at Hesperia Lake Mojave Star Journal (5/03)
Moundville Artifacts Stolen Archeology Heist Revealed in Alabama CBS News (4/22/03)
Pre-Mound Builder Site Discovered
Mayan Project Ancient Civilization Goes On-Line Nature (4/27/03)
Virtually Rebuilding Native American Monuments What's Lost is Found Again  U of Cincinnati (3/5/03)
Hupa Repatriation Dilemma  Museum preservatives taint tribes' (sic) relics  Nature (2/28/03)
Evidence Acquits Clovis People of Ancient Killings Evidence acquits ...  Eureka Alert (2/24/03)
Peņon Woman: 13,000 year old skull discovered in Mexico
Archeology Work at Poverty Point, Louisiana Non-Invasive Tools Key to First Mapping of Early Louisiana Culture Eureka Alert (11/27/02)
Native American Migration Study Oregon Coast Project Oregon State University