Ethnie: NAUSET
Language: Wampanoag
Family: Eastern Algonquian
Stock: Algonquian
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers None
       The Nauset were a sedentary hunter/ farmer nation. They occupied all but the west end of Cape Cod. They allied with the Pilgrims and became Christianized early. They took severe losses from epidemics. Descendants remain in the aboriginal territories, but have absorbed into the local culture.
Aboriginal Locations: Subdivisions (Villages)
MA    Hyannis or Iyanough or Wiananno, Monomoy, Nauset (23)
Present Locations
Barnstable County
Year History
1606 Samuel de Champlain visited Cape Cod and found that the Nauset were not friendly
1614 Seven of tribe carried off by Hunt and sold into slavery in Spain; pandemic killed 75% of tribe
1620 Attacked Pilgrims who were unwittingly desecrating graves of recently died
1621 Tribe returned lost Pilgrim boy
1622 Chief Aspinet began friendly relations with Pilgrims
1623 Epidemic killed Aspinet and others
1640 The missionary efforts of John Elliot succeeded in converting most of the Nauset to Christianity
1675 Stayed out of King Philip's War
Year Total MA Population Source
1600 1,200 Mooney estimate
1621 500 Swanton
1698 515 Swanton
1700 500 NAHDB calculation
1767 292 Swanton
1800 300 NAHDB calculation
1900 300 NAHDB calculation 
1920 230 Speck estimate (all mixed bloods)
2000 1,000 NAHDB calculation 
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