Language: Caddo
Family Southern Caddo
Stock: Caddo
Phylum: Macro-Siouan
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers 141 in total language    1990
       The Natichoches were a confederacy of hunter/farmer tribes.  They were located in northeastern Louisiana in the region of the Red River.  Famine and conflicts with other tribes resulted in depopulation and in the joining of the Hasinai and Kadahadacho confederacies.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions, #of villages)
LA  (Doustioni  1, Natchitoches 1, Ouachita, Yatasi 1)
Present Locations
OK   Caddo Tribe, Anadarko
Year History
1542 Probably visited by Moscoso, De Soto's successor
1690 Visited by Tonti
1700 Visited by Bienville
1702 Crop failure resulted in French aided relocation to live with Acolapissa tribe on Lake Ponchartrain
1707 Among those who attacked Chitimacha to avenge death of misionary St. Cosme.
1714 Returned to old town by St. Denis, Acolapissa killed 17 and captures 50 women and children in an attempt to thwart move, tribe slowly diminished and was eventually absorbed by the Hasinai and Kadohadacho Confederacies
Year Total LA Population Source
1600 1,000 Swanton
1700 400 Bienville estimate
400 400 NAHDB calculation
1718 80 Bienville estimate, joined Caddo and Hasinai
1800 - NAHDB calculation
1900 - NAHDB calculation 
2000 - NAHDB calculation
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Caddo, Hasinai
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