Language: Natchez
Family: Gulf Muskhogean
Stock: Muskhogean
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers Language extinct
      The Natchez were a sedentary hunter/farmer monarchy of the Southeastern Woodlands Mound Cultures.  They had a complex Sun cult caste system.  They were located in the area east of present Natchez, Mississippi on St. Catherines Creek.  
      The Natchez, along with the Chickasaw, were the most powerful tribes on the lower Mississippi at time of French arrival.  After a short period of relatively peaceful coexistence, they were ultimately destroyed in a war with the French and Choctaw.  They later divided to join the Creek and Cherokee and many were enslaved and sent tot he West Indies.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
MS  (Achougoulas, Cogoucoulas, Natches, Ousagoucoulas, Thoucoue, Tougoulas, Yatanocus, Ymacachas
Present Locations
GA   Georgia Kokeneshv Natchez Nation, Whigham
NC   Descendants among Cherokee Tribe at Qualla Reservation, Cherokee
OK   Descendants among Cherokee Tribe, Tahlequah and Creek Tribe, Okmulgee
Year History
1540 Met by De Soto, under Chief Quigaitanqui chased De Soto down the Mississippi
1682 Mentioned by La Salle who descended the Mississippi
1683 Conducted negotiations with Iberville
1699 De Montigny and Davion visited tribe, hostile relations with French ended
1700 Iberville negotiations resulted in leaving a missionary with tribe for six years
1713 Trading post established
1714 Killing of four Canadians resulted in war ended by Bienville, Fort Rosalie constructed
1716 War with French
1721 Father Charlevoix visited tribe
1722 War with French
1729 Tribal uprising killed 200 Whites and post and settlement destroyed
1730 Severe battles with French and Choctaw eventually defeated tribe and its smaller allies; 
1731 A large number settled on Sicily Island in Louisiana and were attacked by French who sent 450 to West Indies as slaves, a large number of the tribe were received by the Chickasaw in Mississippi
1735 A large band of Natchez settled in South Carolina 
1744 South Carolina band joined Cherokee
1799 Remaining band had settle in Georgia, soon joining Creek although keeping their separate identity
Year Total Population GA MS Source
1650 4,500 Mooney estimate
1686 1,500 warriors per de Tonti
1698 4,000 Swanton
1700 3,500 3,500 NAHDB calculation (300 to 400 cabins)
1702 1,500 families per Iberville
1716 800 warriors per De Richebourg
1721 2,000 Charlevoix
1730 300 Le Petit
1731 200 d'Artaguette
1731 300 Perrier
1732 100 fighting men per Charlevoix
1764 150 Boquet (among Creek)
1800 300 300 NAHDB calculation
1836 300 Gallatin
1900 400 400 NAHDB calculation 
2000 500 500 NAHDB calculation 
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