Language: Nanticoke
Family: Eastern Algonquian
Stock: Algonquian
Phylum: Algic
Macro-Culture: Eastern Woodlands
Speakers None
      The Nanticoke were a sedentary hunter/ farmer nation most closely related to the Conoy. They occupied all of the eastern shore of Maryland and southern Delaware. The Nanticoke fought with the Whites who eventually expelled most of the nation from the area. Many survivors finally merged into other tribes, though some ancestors remain in or near their aboriginal territory.
Aboriginal Locations: Subdivisions (Subtribes)
DE      Cuscarawoac
MD    Annamessicks, Choptank, Manokin, Nanticoke, Nause, Ozinies, Toewogh, Wicocomoco, Wicomese
Present Locations
DE    Nanticoke Indian Association, Millsboro (Some confederated into the Iroquois in New York, others into the Brotherton now in Wisconsin, and others into the Lenape in several locations
Year History
1608 Shot arrows at Captain John Smith when he came ashore while he was exploring Chesapeake Bay; later friendly and traded
1642 Began 36 year war with colonists with and attack by Captain John Pike and Maryland militia
1668 Peace treaty with Maryland
1670 Smallpox epidemic sometime after this year
1698 Reservations set aside
1722 Most of tribe removed north to settle on the Susquehanna
1748 Moved further north, settled under Iroquois protection
1753 Part joined Iroquois
1774 Joined by western bands of Wappinger
1784 Majority emigrated west with Mahican and joined Delaware in Indiana; Choptank band, and some of Wicocomoco remained in old country
1881 Tribe recognized by the state of Delaware
1921 Formed the Nanticoke Indian Association
Year Total Pop. DE MD NY PA Source
1600 2,700 50 2,650     Mooney estimate
1700 1,000 50   150 800 NAHDB calculation
1800 100 50   50   NAHDB calculation
1900 50 50       NAHDB calculation 
1970 200         Tamarin
2000 500 500       NAHDB calculation 
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