Ethnie: MAKAH
Language: Makah
Family: Southern Wakashan
Stock: Wakashan
Phylum: Wakashan
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
Speakers 10-30   1997 SIL  
    The Makah were a maritime hunter/gatherer tribe closely related to the Nootka of British Columbia's Vancouver Island.  Whale and seal hunting were important to their economy and traditions.  They were located about Cape Flattery, but their territories extended as far east as the Hoko River and south to Flattery Rocks, and included Tatoosh Island.  A great deal of their culture was lost by the banning of the potlatch.  They live today in a portion or their aboriginal territory.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
WA (3 winter villages, 4 summer villages)
Present Locations
Makah Reservation, Neah Bay
Year History
15XX Catastrophic mudslide at Ozette buried several, later important archeological site
1788 Visited by John Mears
1790 Manual Quimper explored both shores of strait, Spanish arrived, established fort for 2 years
1792 Area charted by Capt. George Vancouver
1805 Visited by Lewis and Clark
1809 Shipwrecked Russians and Aleuts held as captives
1833 Three shipwrecked Japanese held captive
1841 Influx of Oregon Trail settlers, conflicts began
1843 Fort Vancouver established
1852 Smallpox epidemic
1855 Reservation established
1935 Road 112 completed, first land access
1999 Makah resumed whaling
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 2,000 NAHDB calculation
1780 2,000 Mooney estimate
1800 2,000 NAHDB calculation
1805 2,000 Lewis and Clark
1900 450 NAHDB calculation
1905 435 Official
1910 360 Census
1923 425 US Indian Office
1937 407 US Indian Office
1973 571 BIA
1981 927 BIA
1983 1,049 C. Hall
2000 2,000 NAHDB calculation
2003 2,356 IHS
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