Ethnie: LILLOOET (ST'AT IMC)       
Language: Lillooet
Family: Northern Interior Salish
Stock: Interior Salish
Phylum: Salishan
Macro-Culture: Northwest Plateau
Speakers 200      (2002 Poser)
      The Lillooet were a hunter/gatherer language group of tribes. They were located on the upper part of Harrison Lake, Lillooet River, Bridge River, and part of the Fraser River above the mouth. They suffered heavily from smallpox resulting from the White influx.
Aboriginal Locations [Bands] (# of Villages)
BC     Lower Lillooet (Lillooet River [8], Pemberton [5]), Upper Lillooet (Lake [6], Fraser River [6])
Present Locations
BC    Anderson Lake Indian Band, D'Arcy
         Bridge River Indian Band , Lillooet
         Cayoose Creek Indian Band, Lillooet
         Fountain Indian Band, Lillooet
         Douglas First Nation, Mission
         Fountain Indian Band, Lillooet
         In-shuck-ch Nation, Mission
         Lillooet Indian Band, Lillooet
         Mount Currie Indian Band , Mount Currie 
         Samahquam Indian Band, Mission
         Seton Lake Indian Band, Shalalt
         Skookumchuck Indian Band, Mission
Year History
1808 Encountered by Fraser
1858 Fraser River gold rush, invasion of miners, but successfully maintained way of life
1862 Smallpox epidemic
1884 Canadian Pacific Railroad completed
1912 Railroad arrived at Bridge River as a result of gold discovery
Year BC Population Source
1700 4,000 NAHDB calculation
1780 4,000   Mooney estimate
1800 4,000 NAHDB calculation
1900 1,600 NAHDB calculation 
1904 1,600 Teit estimate
2000 4,500 NAHDB calculation 
2005 4,704 Indian Life Online
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