Language: Kwakiutl (Kwak'wala)
Family: Northern Wakashan
Stock: Wakashan
Phylum: Wakashan
Macro-Culture: Northwestern
Speakers 190   (2002 Poser)  
      The Kwakiutl were a large sedentary maritime hunter dialectic group and culture that relied heavily on fishing. They occupied both shores of Queen Charlotte Sound and the northern end of Vancouver Island.
      They suffered from the White influx. A great deal of their culture was lost as a result of the banning of the potlatch.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
BC     Koskimo (3), Nawiti (2), Kwakiutl (14)
Present Locations
BC    Campbell River Indian Band, Campbell River
         Cape Mudge Indian Band, Quathiaski Cove
         Kwakiutl Indian Band, Port Hardy
         Kwa-wa-aineuk Indian Band, Sullivan Bay
         Kwicksutaineuk-aw-kwa-ah-mish Indian Band, Gitfore Island
         Mamaleleqala-Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Enox Indian Band, Campbell River
         Tanakteuk Indian Band, Campbell River
         Tsawataineuk Indian Band, Kingcome Inlet
Year History
1640 Visited by Fuentes
1775 Visited by Bodega and Maurelle
1786 Visited by James Strange
1791 Totem poles first mentioned by Whites
1792 Area charted by Capt. George Vancouver
1827 Fort Langley post founded by Hudson Bay Company (HBC)
1833 Fort McLoughlin post founded by HBC
1843 HBC post established at Victoria
1849 HBC post at Fort Rupert
1850 Nahwiti destroyed by coastal authorities
1857 Village of Gwayasdums destroyed by Bella Coola
1862 Smallpox epidemic
1870 Alert Bay Salmon cannery established
1877 Anglican missionary Rev. A. J. Hall arrived at Fort Rupert
1884 Canadian Pacific Railroad completed; potlatch banned in British Columbia
1897 Franz Boas studies of exogamy and totemism began
Year BC Population   Source
1700 8,000   NAHDB calculation
1800 8,000   NAHDB calculation
1835 8,000   Codere
1853 7,000   Hall
1881 3,500   Codere
1890 1,754   Hawthorne, Belshaw, Jamieson
1900 1,597   Hawthorne, Belshaw, Jamieson
1900 1,600   NAHDB calculation
1929 1,088   Hawthorne, Belshaw, Jamieson
1939 1,220   Hawthorne, Belshaw, Jamieson
1954 1,891   Hawthorne, Belshaw, Jamieson
1983 3,532   CDIA
2000 4,500   NAHDB calculation
2005 4,896   Indian Life Online
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