Language: Koyukon
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwest





      The Koyukon were a hunter tribe of the sparsely populated Yukon Valley. They occupied the Yukon and tributaries drainage from the Tanana to about latitude 63EN. Their first contact with Whites was late, but they nonetheless suffered considerably from disease.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK   Kaiyuhkhotana (22), Koyukukhotana (23), Yukonikhotana (7)
Present Locations
AK  Doyon Limited, Fairbanks 
Year History
1837 Russian Glazunov made initial contact with tribe
1838 Russian Malakhov established a trading post in territory; smallpox epidemic
1851 Nulato massacre, one of many intra-tribal conflicts
1866 Encountered by Western Union telegraph explorers
1867 Alaska Purchase
1870 Catholic missionaries arrived
1883 Epidemic killed many
1894 Gold prospectors entered territory
1897 Gold rush, 46 steamers operating on Yukon River
192X Measles and influenza epidemics
1971 Native land claims settlement enacted, Doyon corporation created
Year Total AK Population   Source
1700 1,500   NAHDB calculation
1800 1,500   NAHDB calculation
1848 1,100   Zargoskin
1880 1,082   Petrofa
1900 1,300   NAHDB calculation
1973 2,520   Department of the Interior
1995 2,300   Krausse
2000 2,500   NAHDB calculation
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