Language: Upper Kuskowim
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Northwest





      The Kolchan were a hunter tribe which after the decimation of the caribou in the early 1900's, turned to fishing and hunting other animals. They were located along the middle course of the Koyukon and its tributaries from the conflux of the Swift River to Lake Minchumina. Though contact with the Whites was late, they nonetheless suffered greatly from the introduction of new diseases.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages)
AK    (6)
Present Locations
AK   Doyon Limited, Fairbanks
Year History
1834 Trading station established by Fedor Kolmakov at Kuygympaynagmyut on the Lower Kuskokwim River, influenza and diphtheria epidemics followed
1838 First conversions to Russian Orthodox
1899 Visited by US Army survey expedition
Year Total AK Population   Source
  300   Spurr aboriginal estimate
1700 300   NAHDB calculation
1800 300   NAHDB calculation
1900 50   NAHDB calculation
1910 68   Hosley
1935 50   Hosley
1968 135   Hosley
2000 150   NAHDB calculation
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Kolchan Sites
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Doyon Limited
Iditarod National Historic Trail
Upper Kuskokwim Language
Upper Kuskokwim Language
Upper Kuskokwim Linguistic Lineage

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