Ethnie: Klamath
Language: Klamath-Modoc
Family: Klamath-Modoc
Stock: Plateau Penutian
Phylum: Penutian
Macro-Culture: Northwest Plateau
Speakers 1 1998 NY Times
     The Klamath were a sedentary hunter/gatherer tribe.  They lived about Upper Klamath Lake, Klamath Marsh, and Willliamson and Sprague River.  They were most closely related to the Modoc with whom they had the most conflicts.  The Modoc joined the Klamath in 1874 after the Modoc War in Northern California.
Aboriginal Locations
OR Subdivisions (Villages):  A'kchni (29), Du'kwakni (6), Gu'mbotkni (12), Iu'la'lonkni (19), Kowa'cdikni (1)
Oregon Present Locations
OR  Klamath Tribes, Chiloquin
Present Components Tribe Language Phylum
Klamath Modoc Yahooskin
Klamath-Modoc Klamath-Modoc Western Numic
Macro-Penutian Macro-Penutian Aztec-Tanoan
Year History
1829 Peter Skeene Ogden of Hudson Bay Company established relations with tribe
1841 Influx of Oregon Trail settlers began
1864 Ceded lands along with Modoc, both moved to Klamath Reservation
1871 Began practice of Ghost Dance
1872 Modoc removed to California due to starvation and tensions with Klamath starting Modoc War, most of tribe moved back to Klamath Reservation
1954 US government special relationship terminated
1986 Tribes restored to full federal recognition
1997 Opened Kla-Mo-Ya Casino
Year U.S. Population Source
1700 1,200 NAHDB calculation
1780 1,200 Spier estimate
1800 800 NAHDB calculation
1900 750 NAHDB calculation
1905 755 Officially reported
1910 696 Census
1937 1,912 US Indian Office
1977 2,000 SIL
2000 3,500 Tribe
2000 3,500 NAHDB calculation
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