Language: Northern Takic
Family: Takic
Stock: Uto-Aztecan
Phylum: Aztec-Tanoan
Macro-Culture: Southern California
Speakers None      
     The Takic peoples arrived in southern California about 2,500 years ago. All were relatively peaceful hunter/gatherer mountain and desert cultures. The Kitanemuk are closely related to the so called Serrano and Gabrielino. They ranged across the east slope of the San Gabriel Mountains from Tejon Pass to the Antelope Valley and into the Mojave Desert. They were active traders.
Aboriginal Locations
Villages of Chivutpa-ve, Honewimats, Mavin, Nakwalkie-ve, and Wuwopraha-ve
Present Locations
Some descendants reside at TULE RIVER RESERVATION, Porterville and Tejon Ranch while others absorbed into the local culture
Year History
1769 Visited by Garcés; Kitanemuk at war with Serrano (Alliklik) having killed their chief
1771 Mission San Gabriel de Arcangel founded
1797 Mission San Fernando Rey Espana founded
1821 Many indentured to Mexican feudal barons
1840 Smallpox epidemic
1917 A few Kitanemuks living at Tejon Ranch, others at Tule River Reservation
Year Population Source
750 Balckburn and Bean aboriginal estimate
1700 750 NAHDB calculation
1800 700 NAHDB calculation
1900 50 NAHDB calculation
2000 50 NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Gabrielino, Serrano, Vanyume
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