Dialect Keechi
Language: Pawnee-Arikara
Family Pawnee-Kitsai
Stock: Northern Caddoan
Phylum: Caddoan
Macro-Culture: Great Plains
Speakers 4 speakers    1977 SIL
     The Keechi were a southern plains tribe which ranged from the upper Trinity to the Red River at the time of White arrival.  They probably occupied southeastern Oklahoma prior to 1700.  They finally joined with the Wichita as a result of White and inter-tribal pressure.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions)
Present Locations
OK  Wichita Affiliated Tribes, Anadarko
Year History
1701 Met by French in Texas
1816 Smallpox epidemic
1855 Moved to reservation on Brazos River
1858 Flew White threats of extermination and joined Wichita in Oklahoma
Year Total Population OK TX Source
Arrival 500 500
1700 500 500 NAHDB calculation
1772 280 280 Swanton
1778 350 350 Swanton
1800 300 300 NAHDB calculation
1858 10 10 Joined Wichita
1900 - NAHDB calculation 
2000 - NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Arikara, Pawnee
Keechi Sites:
Pawnee Kitsai Language
Pawnee Language
Pawnee Linguistic Lineage
Red man Linked to the Palo Pinto Mountains
Wichita and Affiliated Tribes
Wichita Tribe

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