Ethnie: KASKA
Dialects Kaska
Language: Tahltan-Kaska
Family: Athapaskan
Stock: Nuclear Na-Dene
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Rocky Mountian Western Plateau
Speakers  400     (2002 Poser)  
      The Kaska were a nomadic hunter/gatherer tribe in the sparsely populated sub-arctic. They were located on the upper Laird River. They suffered from the late White influx into their territories.
Aboriginal Locations: Divisions
YT    ?
Present Locations
YT Dease River Band Council, near Good Hope Lake
  Kwadacha Band, Ware
  Laird First Nation, Watson Lake
  Lower Post First Nation (Laird River #3), Watson Lake
  Ross River Dena Council, Ross River
Year History
182X First European contact, already trading with Haida and Tahltan
1843 Dease Lake post operated for 3 years; Francis Lake post operated for 8 years
1872 Cassiar gold rush
1998 Klondike gold rush
1926 Catholic Oblate Father E. Allard established mission at McDame Creek
1942 Alcan Highway constructed in 1942-1943
1943 Canol Highway follows in 1943-1944
1966 Campbell Highway built in 1966, Faro mine opened having negative impact on Ross River village
Year BC Population   Source
1700 500   NAHDB calculation
1800 500   Kroeber, Teit
1800 500   NAHDB calculation
1900 200   NAHDB calculation
1914 238   CDIA
1934 323   CDIA
1944 175   CDIA
1970 539   Registered Indians
2000 700   NAHDB calculation
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