Language: Kalispel-Pend d'Orielle
Family: Southern Interior Salish
Stock: Interior Salish
Phylum: Salishan
Macro-Culture: Northwest Plateau
Speakers 200 1997 SIL
     The Kalispel were hunter/gatherer tribes of the Northwestern Plateau.  Prehistorically, the tribe was driven south from Canada by the Cree and Athapaskan tribes.  They were located on Pend d'Orielle Lake, Priest Lake, and on the lower course of Clark's Fork.. Their hunting territories extended eastward to Thompson Lake and Horse Plains, and into Canada along the Salmon River, and south to Missoula.  They were missionized by Catholics before experiencing conflicts with White settlers.  They are now enumerated with the Colville and Flathead.
Aboriginal Locations (Subdivisions)
ID (2), MT (1), WA (10
Oregon Present Locations
ID Flathead Reservation, Dixon, WA Colville Reservation, Nespelem and Kalispel Reservation, Usk
Year History
1781 Smallpox epidemic
1809 David Thompson established Kullyspell House trading post on Lake Pend d'Orielle
1810 David Thompson established Spokane House
1811 David Thompson explored the length of the Columbia River
1841 Influx of Oregon Trail settlers began, conflicts followed
1844 Jesuit Fr. Adrian Hoeken began Christianization of tribe
1855  Treaties of Hell Gate and Fort Benton
1877 Sandpoint Treaty confiscated tribal lands  
1914 Reservation established by Woodrow Wilson  
1924 Reservation terminated and divided into 40 acre parcels  
1958 Kalispel won land claim for 4,600 acre reseervation
1975 Tribe established buffalo herd
Year U.S. Population ID MT WA Source
1700 3,000 1,500 500 1,000 NAHDB calculation
1780 1,200 Mooney estimate
1800 1,600 800 300 500 NAHDB calculation
1805 1,600 Lewis and Clark
1900 1,000 900 100 NAHDB calculation 
1905 935 US Indian Office
1910 564 US Indian Office
1989 286 Tribal Profile
2000 300 300 NAHDB calculation (Others enumerated at Colville and Flathead
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