Language: Southern Takic
Family: Takic
Stock: Uto-Aztecan
Phylum: Aztec-Tanoan
Macro-Culture: Southern California
Speakers None      Several learning language
     The Juaneño were a semi-sedentary hunter/ gatherer cultural group. They were in reality part of a larger dialectic group of loose family clans that included the Luiseño, Cupeño, and Cahuilla. The Juaneño name was a result of the mission to which this ethnie was indentured. Prior to arrival, they occupied present Orange County from Aliso Creek southward. The Juaneño were indentured to mission San Juan Capistrano and their culture was destroyed by the Spanish missionization.
Aboriginal Locations
Ahachmai, Alona, Hechmai, Humai, Paianche, Panhe, Pelasakeuna, Ru-tuid-em
Present Locations
Extinct as a culture though remnants remain in their aboriginal locale, with one full blood residing on the Cahuilla Reservation, Anza CA
Groups with recognition petitions pending:
Year History
1776  Mission San Juan Capistrano established
1821  Indentured to Mexican feudal barons
1865  Smallpox epidemic
1982  Applied for federal recognition
Year Population Source
1700  1,000 NAHDB calculation
1770  1,000 Kroeber estimate
1800  500 NAHDB calculation
1900  50 NAHDB calculation
1910  16 Census
2000  50 NAHDB calculation
Other speakers of the same language:
Cahuilla, Cupeno, Luiseno
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