Ethnie: IOWAY (IOWA)
Language: Ioway-Otoe-Missouria
Family Central Mississippi Valley Siouan
Stock: Siouan Proper
Phylum: Siouan
Macro-Culture: Great Plains
Speakers Language extinct
      The Ioway were a sedentary hunter/farmer tribe closely related to the Otoe and Missouri.  They ranged over most of northern Iowa.  They relocated a great deal due to conflict with other tribes and White pressure.
Aboriginal Locations (Villages #)
IA     Wolf 1
Present Locations
KA  Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, White Cloud
OK  Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Perkins
Year History
1685 Ioway met Nicolas Perrot in Wisconsin
1700 Pierre La Sueu reached the Mahkahto River (Blue Earth River) tributary to the Minnesota River, was told that the river belonged to the Ayavois (Ioways) and the Otoctatas (Otoes)
1702 D'Iberville mentioned that the Ayooues and Octatas were about 300 families, tribe took losses in war with Sioux
1757 Ioways visited Montreal to deliver two members of tribe who had murdered two Frenchmen, murderers pardoned by French; tribe aided French in successful siege of British Fort George (Fort William Henry)
1804 Lewis and Clark visited by Ioway on Mississippi River
1814 Allotted lands "Platte Purchase"
1819 Regularly visited Fort Osage
1821  Defeated by Fox under Black Hawk
1824 Treaty, ceded land
1830 Treaty, ceded land
1836 Treaty, moved to Nebraska , Kansas
1854 Treaty, ceded land
1861 Treaty, ceded land
1866 Five delegates from the Iowa tribe visited Washington D. C. to renegotiate the Treaty of 1861
1883 Many moved to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Year Total Population IA KA NE OK Other Source
1700 1,200 NAHDB calculation
1702 Iberville described the Ioway war power as 300 good men
1736 Chauvignerie estimated 80 warriors
1760 1,100 Swanton
1777 Cruzat reported that there were 250 warriors
1800 800 NAHDB calculation
1804 800 Lewis and Clark, 200 warriors
1829 1,000 Swanton
1832 1,400 Catlin
1836 992 Census
1843 470 US Indian Office
1885 226 138 88 Swanton
1900 300 200 100 NAHDB calculation
1905 314 225 89 Swanton
1923 420 338 82 US Indian Office
1930 158 10 83 66 Census
1973 408 BIA
1981 483 BIA
1989 553 BIA
1994 366 366 Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
2000 900 100 400 400 NAHDB calculation
2005 500 100 400 Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
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