Ethnie: INUIT
Languages (Speakers): Eastern Canadian Inuktitut (14,000), Western Canadian Inuktitut (4,000)
Family: Eskimo
Stock: Eskimo-Aleut
Phylum: Eskimo-Aleut
Macro-Culture: Alaska





       The Eskimo and Inuit were and are a loose confederation of family groups ranging from Siberia to Greenland. They crossed into North America from Siberia about 3,000 BC.  They were, for the most part, arctic maritime hunters. They experienced minimal White contact due to their sparsely populated vast arctic territory.
Subdivisions (# of Groups)
AK Eskimo (31)
GL Greenland Eskimo (32)
NF Labrador Inuit (14)
NT Central Inuit (30)
PQ Central Inuit (12)
SI Siberia Eskimo (?)
Present Locations
NT Aklavik NF Hopedale
  Arctic Bay   Makkovik
  Baker Lake   Nain
  Bathurst Inlet   Rigolet
  Broughton Island    
  Cambridge Bay PQ Akulivik
  Cape Dorset   Aupaluk
  Chesterfield Inlet   Inukjuak
  Coppermine   Ivujivik
  Coral Harbour   Kangiqsualujjuaq
  Gjoa Haven   Kangiqsujuaq
  Grise Fiord   Kangirsuk
  Hall Beach   Kuujjuak
  Holman   Kuujjuarapik
  Igloolik   Puvirnitug
  Inuvik   Salluit
  Iqaluit   Tasiujaq
  Lake Harbour   Whapmagoostui
  Pelly Bay     
  Pond Inlet    
  Rankin Inlet    
  Repulse Bay    
  Resolute Bay    
  Sachs Harbour    
  Sanikiluaq, Belcher Islands    
  Spence Bay    
  Whale Cove    
Year History
4000 B.P. Pre-Dorset migration  from Asia through Alaska into Canada
2800 B.P. Dorset culture replaced Pre-Dorset
  900 Whaling Thule culture settled (900 to 1300) from Alaska to Greenland displacing Dorset culture
1000 First encountered by Norse settlers in Greenland
1576 Discovered by Frobisher in search for northwest passage
17XX Danes resettled Greenland; Russia and western Eskimo opened relations; Labrador Inuits missionized by Moravians
1750 Present Inuit and Eskimo cultures replaced Thule culture which was destroyed by "little ice age"
1795 Central Eskimos met by Hearne overland from the south
1871 US purchased Alaska, Hudson Bay Company began establishing posts
1914 Stafansson explorations
1922 Jenness explorations
1950 Big Diomedes Island (USSR) Eskimos removed to mainland by Soviet government
1975 James Bay Agreement for hydro-electric development
1982 Inuit Broadcasting Corporation created
1992 Canadian Territory of Nunavut conceived primarily for the Eskimauan peoples comprising much of the Northwest Territories.
Year Population NF NT PQ   Source
1700 37,000 3,000 24,000 10,000   NAHDB calculation
1700 37,000         Swanton
1800 37,000 3,000 24,000 10,000   NAHDB calculation
1900 36,000 3,000 23,000 10,000   NAHDB calculation
1922 35,000         Jeness estimate
1981           BIA
2000           NAHDB calculation
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