Ethnie: HUPA
Language: Hupan
Family: Pacific Coast Athapaskan
Stock: Athapaskan
Phylum: Na-Dena
Macro-Culture: Northwest California






Speakers 8      1998 J. Brook, N.Y. Times
The Hupa were sedentary hunter/gatherers that relied heavily on salmon fishing. They were located on the middle course of the Trinity River and on the New River. Their rich area, though small, was densely populated. They suffered from the White influx but held much of their territory.
Aboriginal Locations
26 villages
Present Locations
Year History
1828 Visited by Jedediah Smith and other trappers
1850 Influx of prospectors
1851 Visited by McKee, treaty established reservation
1858 Fort Gaston established in Hoopa Valley
1859 Began resistance of White influx
1864 Peace and friendship treaty negotiated with the United States
1869 Granted Hoopa Valley
1876 Boundaries of Hoopa Valley Reservation established by Executive Order
1891 Boundaries further expanded to connect with Yurok Reservation by Executive Order
1988 Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act divided lands
Year Population Source
1700 1,000 NAHDB calculation
1770 1,000 Kroeber estimate
1800 1,000 NAHDB calculation
1848 1,000 Cook estimate
1851 1,000 Kroeber estimate
1852 900 Cook estimate
1880 500 Cook estimate
1900 500 NAHDB calculation
1906 420 Kelsey census
1910 500 Census
1937 575 US Indian Office
1962 992 California Commission on Indian Affairs
1981 1,816 Calculated from BIA data
2000 2,000 NAHDB calculation
2007 2,500 All Hoopa Valley residents per tribe
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