Language: Yukian
Family: Yukian
Stock: Yukian
Phylum: Macro-Penutian
Macro-Culture: Central California
Speakers None      
The Huchnom were a sedentary hunter/gatherer tribe. They were located in the valley of the south Eel River and its tributaries from Hullville nearly to its mouth. The tribe was destroyed by White settlers. Remnants have intermarried into the Pomo and some of the tribes at Round Valley.
Aboriginal Locations
13 villages
Present Locations
Extinct as a culture with descendants in Round Valley and Sherwood Valley, CA
Year History
1838 Smallpox epidemic
1850 Influx of prospectors and settlers, smallpox epidemic
1869 Some removed to Round Valley, cattle destroyed, took up poaching, extermination of tribe began by settlers
1871 Episcopal mission at Round Valley
Year Population Source
1700 500 NAHDB calculation
1770 500 Kroeber estimate
1800 350 NAHDB calculation
1870 79 ARCIA
1880 50 Census
1900 50 NAHDB calculation
1907 7 Foster
1973 1 BIA
2000 0 NAHDB calculation
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